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"Telefatwa" Provides

  • Answer to all religious queries raised by subscribers through phone.

  • Dream interpretation through phone.

  • Instruction about "Istikhara".


mufti muhammad ismail toru

Mufti Muhammad Ismail Toru

Imam of Masjid-e-Aqsa, Rawalpindi

"Islam in Pakistan"

presents Islam, peaceful religion of universe. Learn islam, discover its concept, ask questions and get answered by scholar/Mufti from Pakistan.

"Islam in Pakistan"

presents several courses to encourage people to learn basic of islam and know about depth of islam. You can learn tajweed to read quran correctly, diploma in sharia for men and women to become alem e deen to tell other people about Islam Shariat, learn english language for existing students, learn business management training workshop for ulma and khutba and summer course, Haj course, islam religious 3 year course for men and women.

Also you can take advantage by meeting Mufti Ismail Toru by person or can listen their live lecture and bayanat.

Listen Radio Recording

Listen Live Lecture of Mufti Muhammad Ismail Toru on FM Radio 102.2 Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Timing : Friday on 11am, 5pm, 11pm & Saturday on 10am, 4pm, 10pm
[Please note web radio has few minutes delay in Radio Lecture, for example lecture time is 10 am, web radio may start on 10:10 am]

Online FM Radio Web Player


How to Become Muslim

How to become muslim

Following is sentence which is gate to enter in Islam, read and accept it to enter in Islam.

"There is no God besides Allah Muhammad is the messenger of Allah"

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